After a period of identification and selection of participating youth groups and their respective group leaders from the 6 countries involved in the ERASMUS+ project “Youth4Peace”, promoted and led by ENPP, an online meeting was held on the 6th of January with the group leaders  with the aim of conveniently preparing the international mobility event that will take place in February in the village of Évora Monte (Portugal).
In this online meeting, the General Plan of the Project and the Timetable of the international mobility event were discussed, as well as 2 online meetings were scheduled with the participants of each group which will take place between the 15th of January and the 15th of February, in which the young people will take contact with the contents that will be treated in that event.
The ERASMUS+ Youyh4Peace Project is financed by the Portuguese National  Agency Youth in Action/ERASMUS+ after an application submitted by the ENPP and foresees the participation of 42 young people and their group leaders from 6 European countries (Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and Portugal) and its main objectives are the dissemination of a Culture of Peace, active participation in social life as well as the development of democratic awareness among young Europeans.