From the 13th to the 16th of October, the 14th European Meeting of the Association European Network of Places  of Peace was held in Évora Monte (Portugal) , hosted by the Municipality of Estremoz in its capacity as a founding member of this Association, during which several delegations from foreign countries participated in the General Assembly held on October 14, at Torre/Paço de Évora Monte having visited some of the most emblematic places in the city of Estremoz on the 15th of October, where they were received by the Mayor, Prof. José Daniel Sadio and the Vice-President, Sónia Caldeira.
During the General Assembly, which began with a welcoming speech by the Mayor of Estremoz, Prof. José Daniel Sadio, the members present were informed and discussed the ongoing activities under the responsibility of the Association, namely, the transnational application for the European Heritage Label of European sites where Peace Treaties were signed which the Évora Monte Convention House, owned by of the Municipality of Estremoz, will be integrate and the 2 ERASMUS+ mobility events that will also take place in the Torre/Paço de Évora Monte with the participation of 8 European countries.
The delegations present also discussed ENPP’s 3-year Activity Plan and the Association’s 3-year Financial Plan.
On the same day, the Electoral Assembly of ENPP was also held and elected the new Management Bodies for the four-year period 2022/2026. The Board of ENPP continues to be headed by Eduardo Basso, representing the Evoramonte Castle Friendship Association.
The Assembly also decided to grant Ulf Müller, member of Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association and former member of the ENPP Board, the status of Associate Member and Honorary Member of ENPP, for his constant commitment to the Association and its activities , since its founding in 2010.
In addition to the delegations of the Portuguese members of the European Network of Sites of Peace, several foreign delegations participated in this meeting, namely a delegation from the Ukrainian city of Khotyn, a member of the Association, headed by the Mayor, Mr. Andryi Dranchuk.