The war situation in Ukraine could have been avoided if the principles of dialogue and negotiation in the resolution of conflicts defended by the ENPP had prevailed, based on the historical experience of the Peace Treaties and the places where they were signed, which are part of our Network.
Unfortunately, this was not the path followed by the warring parties or other world policy makers and we are currently witnessing the immense suffering of the people of Ukraine, the separation of families and an immense influx of Ukrainian refugees.
ENPP calls on the parties to the conflict to use all windows of opportunity for dialogue and negotiation which open the way to putting an end to this war and putting an end to the harmful consequences for the European peoples, to whom the ENPP expresses its deepest and sincere solidarity.
Therefore, ENPP launched a solidarity campaign with the city of Khotyn (Ukraine), a member of the ENPP since last December, which, due to its proximity to the borders of Moldova and Romania, is receiving numerous war refugees. . According to our Ukrainian partners, the main needs focus on electrical heating equipment, water pumping equipment, beds, mattresses, food (canned goods, pasta, cereals, biscuits), medicines, medical devices and medical care aids, first aid kits and personal hygiene products.
This campaign is being conducted by ENPP members in several European countries and all those wishing to contribute should contact the ENPP members in their countries, whose contacts are available on the ENPP official website, in Portuguese, English, French and German through the link: