The European Network of Places of Peace (ENPP) condemns the attacks in Manchester and Egypt. Targeting the vulnerable and innocent youth by the terrorist is despicable. It is a cowardly act without any moral justification. The ENPP stands with the parents, relatives and friends of the victims and expresses solidarity with the British people and Coptic community in Egypt.

Europe was hit several times by terrorist attacks in recent years. Terror can’t be a solution to conflicts. And neither should Europe be divided by the violence. All though the terrorists want make us believe that it’s a matter of religious struggle the ENPP denies this. Europe will not be divided by ethnic, religious, political, nationalist or any other line. The ENPP believes in democracy, the rule of law and dialogue. Europe’s shared values of equity, freedom of speech and freedom of religion will be defended.

Because of the long violent history in the past centuries, Europe has moved from a history of wars to cultivate a culture of peace. The ENPP feels a moral obligation to spread the lessons of the peace treaties signed in our Places of Peace.

Because of the recent attacks and violence we stay even more dedicated to our activities and contribute to preserve peace and freedom. After two terrible World Wars the European Union brought peace and stability for 70 years. Disintegration and division because of terror and political populism will not be accepted. Therefore the ENPP expresses its commitment to the European values, the charter of the United Nations and human rights. We seek dialogue and inclusion and condemn the attempts to divide the people of Europe and beyond.

The members of the European Network of Places of Peace

Alcáçovas/Evoramonte, Portugal