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Why is Evoramonte a Place of Peace

In Evoramonte was signed on May 26, 1834 a Peace Treaty known as “Convention of Evoramonte” or “Concession of Evoramonte” which ended the only Portuguese civil war in almost 900 years of History.

In early 19th century, liberal ideas were spreading to most European Monarchies, and Portugal was no exception. The Civil War broke out in Portugal in 1831 after D. Miguel, an absolutist and traditional monarch, overwritten the Constitutional Charter, in 1828. His older brother, D. Pedro, a Constitutional Regime’s protector, that was occupying the throne in Brazil, came to Portugal and from the archipelago of Azores he formed an army of mercenaries and exiled.

D. Miguel’s absolutists were decisively defeated on May 16, 1834, in the Battle of Asseiceira, in the Country’s central area, obliging this same monarch to seek refuge, along his remaining army, in the city of Évora, located 25 Km’s away from Evoramonte. On the other hand, D. Pedro’s liberal troops were taking Estremoz. Both sides agreed to the signing of Peace in Evoramonte, in the residence of the then Mayor Mr. Joaquim António Saramago.

The Convention or Concession of Evoramonte, signed on May 26, 1834, by both army leaders, led D. Miguel to exile in Italy and to the giving of the Portuguese throne to his niece, D. Maria II, D. Pedro’s daughter who re-established the Constitutional Charter. From this point on, Portugal undertook the same destiny of other European nations.

Read more: The Convention of Evoramonte 1834 (pdf, 38kb)

Visit the Tower/Palace of Evoramonte

At the highest point of the village of Evoramonte rises the Tower/Palace of Evoramonte commonly considered as the “ex-libris” of the village. The Tower/ Palace of Evoramonte was built by the Dukes of Bragança D. Teodósio and D. Jaime as a symbol of its power reflected in the tie of Manueline reminiscences that is the symbolic mark of the heraldry of the House of Bragança.

Its design is attributed to Arrudas Architects, famous for the design of the well-known Torre de Belém, in Lisbon, in Italian style and is a unique example throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Visible many miles away, the Tower/Palace of Evoramonte is a regular quadrangle with four angularly arranged towers and has three floors externally marked by a continuous rounded cord. The interior has 3 rooms supported by 4 columns each and connected by a spiral staircase that also allows access to the terrace which enjoys a spectacular 360º view on the Alentejo landscape.

Take a prayer at St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church, currently dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Conceição, is the most important temple of Evoramonte to which were affiliated the majority of the churches and hermits located in the area of the old county. Its construction dates back to the 13th century and will have been the first church to be erected in the village after the Christian reconquest.

St. Mary’s Church, rectangular in plan, has 3 aisles and covered in wood supported in plums of square base. Besides the altar there are four side altars where are still visible wall paintings dating back to the sixteenth century. Externally, the temple is marked on the main facade by a porch where a steeple of two smooth eyes and its two bells.

St. Mary’s Church was recovered in 2016 and the entire façade, roof and floor were renovated.

Unveil the biblical stories of the Chapel of Mercy

The “Chapel of Misericórdia” (Mercy Chapel) is part of a building that included the headquarters of the “Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Evoramonte” and a Hospital and its construction will go back to the first half of the sixteenth century.

The Chapel is located next to the medieval wall and its interior reveals stylistic characteristics typical of the century in which it was built. The main altar has a square structure and in the gilded carved altarpiece dating back to the 18th century we find the patroness of the chapel (N.S. Visitação). The central aisle is fully tiled in the mid-eighteenth century and depicts relevant biblical stories and the acts of mercy that believers must practice.

Recently, the main altar and tile panels of the central aisle have been fully recovered and deserve a close visit.

How to arrive


Evoramonte is located in the province of Alentejo, Évora district, 130 kms east of Lisbon, 70 kms west of the Spanish border and 25 kms north of Évora.

The village can be reached by car from Lisbon (Exit Évora Nascente) or from Spain (Exit Estremoz) using the A6 motorway and the National Road 18. Access from Évora is done by National Road 18 (25 kms ) And from Estremoz by the same road (17 Kms.). By public transportation, the village is served by several daily bus connections between Évora and Estremoz.

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What to Eat

Discover the delicacies of Alentejo

The gastronomy of Evoramonte accompanies the most traditional cuisine in the Alentejo region in which the use of earth products and herbs always have a relevant place. In the chapter on “soups”, the “dogfish soup,” the “purslane soup” or the bean soup with spinach are at the top of the tastes. In the field of main courses the “grilled black pork” and the “lamb hotpot” are the most popular.

For many years “dogfish” was one of the cheapest fish that could be bought in Portugal. The poorer classes of Alentejo Region used it to cook a soup flavored with pennyroyal (poejo) or coriander and thickened with wheat flour. Nowadays, the Dogfish Soup is a mandatory dish in all restaurants in the Region.

“Purslane” grows spontaneously in the vegetable gardens of the region. After braising in olive oil and onion, pour in the water and add pieces of sheep cheese, a head of garlic and poached eggs and the Purslane Soup is ready.

The black pig of Alentejo has been for many centuries one of the most cherished breeds in the region and Evoramonte is no exception. “From the pig we enjoy everything,” is often said here and it is true, but one of the most traditional ways to cook the pork are the charcoal grills. All the restaurants have it in its menu garnished with the most diverse accompaniments.

Want to try the famous Migas with pork? Fry the seasoned meat with chili and reserve the sauce. Make a broth of olive oil and garlic, add the previously soaked bread and stir very well. Add the reserved sauce and serve with orange or apple.

Things to Do

Be active around Evoramonte

  • Celebrate the Anniversary of the Peace Treaty

  • Be part of the Street Crib

  • Be part of the Street Crib

  • Be part of the Street Crib

  • Follow the imaginary Tour of Evoramonte

  • Celebrate São Marcos

  • Every year, the Evoramonte Castle Friendship Association celebrates the 26th of May, the day that has been signed in the village for more than 180 years, the Treaty of Peace that has its name: the Evoramonte Convention. A commemorative session, conferences, concerts of popular and erudite music are usually part of this event.
  • Between mid-December and January 6 (Día de Reis) every year a Street Crib is set up in Evoramonte Castle, with life-size figures, hand-painted and illuminated. There are more than 30 figures distributed by various places in the Castle visited by many Portuguese and foreign tourists.
  • Based on true stories or legends that spanned generations, the Imaginary Tour of Evoramonte is a journey through some of the most emblematic of the interior and exterior of the Castle. About 30 villagers, formal dressed according to historical periods and in street theater style make known some of the most important events in the history of this very old village of Portugal.
  • There are 14 churches and hermitages in the village of Evoramonte and its surroundings. One of these hermitages is dedicated to São Marcos and its celebration takes place on April 25 of each year. The mass and procession around the Hermitage are the highlight of this religious festival whose tradition is lost in the times.

Where to Stay

Relax after the visit

Santa Rita Country House

Beautiful and typical rural property in Evoramonte with special views to the castle and surroundings especially on sunset. Our aim is to provide comfort and tranquility for family vacation,to our friends who feel that country side is a step near to our own nature.The cottage offers 3 bedrooms,1 living room with fireplace equipped kitchen,3 a long porch and a wonderful swimming pool, offer the chance of leaving all stress behind and spend quality time with family and friends.


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Camping Alentejo

Located in the heart of the southern province of Alentejo, lies “Camping Alentejo”. Here you will find the real Portuguese culture in this beautiful region with its vast farmlands, rolling hills and delightful climate, almost always sunny. Available for tents, caravans and motorhomes.

National Road 18, Evoramonte

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Monte da Fazenda

Surrounded by nature, with a seasonal outdoor pool and mountain views, Monte da Fazenda is situated in Evoramonte. It offers free Wi-Fi and free private parking on site. The accommodation is equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. Some units have a seating area and/or patio. Each accommodation has a private bathroom with free toiletries.

Monte da Fazenda – 7100-219 Evoramonte

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Phone: (+351) 268 959 172

The Place at Evoramonte

With a terrace overlooking the Alentejo countryside, The Place at Evoramonte is located between the castle walls of Évoramonte. Wi-Fi is free. In the guest house, each room has air conditioning and private bathroom. One of the rooms has a kitchenette with a microwave. The Place at Evoramonte offers a continental breakfast each morning.

Rua de Santa Maria, 26 – 7100-314 Evoramonte

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"Monte da Cruz" Apartments

There are two independent apartments with a capacity of 5 or 3 people, equipped with kitchen, bathroom and outdoor terrace, located in the village of Évora Monte with direct access via National Route 18. They are a good solution for families and for medium-term stays.

Estrada Nacional 18 – Monte da Cruz
7100-306 Évora Monte, Estremoz, Portugal

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Phone: (+351) 963 012 838 or (+351) 960 433 117

Useful Information

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  • Address

    Liga dos Amigos do Castelo de Évora Monte (LACE)
    Rua da Corredoura, 3
    7100-306 Evoramonte

    Junta de Freguesia de Evoramonte
    Rua da Corredoura, s/n
    7100-306 Evoramonte

  • Phone

    LACE: +351 960 433 117 or +351 965 015 960
    Junta Freguesia de Evoramonte: +351 268 950 200