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The reason

Why is Edirne a Place of Peace

The city of Edirne, which was reconstructed as if rebuilt by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, (Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus) was named after him with the name Hadrianapolis. In 586, the Avar Turks besieged this place but returned without conquering it. Bulgarian Turks succeeded in conquering the city in 914. This city, which later passed to Byzantium again and this city was surrounded for the second time by Pecheneg Turks in 1050 and 1078. Edirne was finally conquered by Sultan Murat I in 1361 and became the throne (head) city of the Ottoman Empire and remained as a capital city (Payitaht) for 92 years until Istanbul was conquered in 1453.

When we think of the peace treaties in Edirne we we will have to retreat to the Sırpsındığı War in 1364. This war at the instigation of Pope Urban V, a crusading army of Hungarians, Serbians, Bosnians and Wallachians was formed and in 1364 it set forth to recapture Adrianople. After this war Edirne became capital city of Ottomans.

On the other hand, we see Edirne Treaty which was signed on 14 September 1829 in Edirne between Ottomans and Russians after the Russo-Turkish War 1828-1829. After this treaty, Independence of Greece was accepted.

According to the Mondros Armistice signed in 1918 the Karaağaç District inside Greek territory was given to Turkey as a “War Indemnity” with the sign of the Lozan Treaty in 1923. You can see the “Lozan Monument” in Edirne- Karaağaç as a symbol of peace, unity and democracy.

Visit the magnificent Selimiye Mosque

Constructed between 1568-1574, Selimiye Mosque is the biggest masterpiece of the Ottoman-Turkish architecture.

Selimiye Mosque was built by Mimar Sinan with order of Sultan Selim II, where the axeman barracks of the old palace located, with the war trophies of the conquest of Cyprus. Mimar Sinan claimed that the mosque is “construction of his mastership period”.

In Selimiye, there is a method that has never been used in Hagia Sophia or another Byzantine and antique temples was applied. The Selimiye Mosque and its social complex, which have been the masterpieces of Ottoman art and have a particular place in the history, were placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011 as the tenth site in Turkey on the list.

Discover the Complex of Sultan Bayezid II Health Museum

Located next to Tunca River, Sultan II. Bayezid Külliyesi is one of the most important historical structures of Edirne. Covering a large area with mosque, hospital, baths, imaret, kitchen, storages and other places, the complex was designed by architect Hayreddin between 1484 – 1488.

Shrouded with almost 100 domes, the complex’s most interesting part is the monumental mosque with 20.55 m diameter, single domed and 2 minarets. Hospital and the medical school located on the West side of the complex.  The complex was converted into a museum with the contributions of Trakya University, Ministry of Culture and Mental Ilness Redaptation Organisation and named “Sağlık Müzesi”.

The museum was awarded as the “Museum of the Year” in recent years and visited by a lot of tourists.

Cross the Meriç Bridge

The bridge is located on Meriç River, where the Meriç and Arda rivers are merged on the Edirne-Karaağaç road.

Old bridge, which was located at the same place and damaged after a flood, was ordered to be replaced by a new one by the Sultan Mahmut II, but the construction could not began immediately due to economical difficulties and the construction was complete at the time of Sultan Abdulmecit.

The construction began on 1842, and finished at 1847. The architect of the bridge is unknown. The bridge is 263 metres long, 7 metres wide and built on 13 pillars with 12 arcs.

How to arrive


Edirne is the second largest city in Thrace after Istanbul with a population of 158,400 inhabitants (2016) and is located in northwestern Turkey, close to the borders with Bulgaria and Greece.

The city can be accessed from Istanbul (230 km) using the Motorway 0-3  (E80) , from Sofia/Plovdiv via Motorway A4 (E80) and from Greece via the Road E83.

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What to Eat

Discover the delicacies of Edirne

In Edirne, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a while, the traditions of the palace cuisine still continue. In addition to its deep-rooted history, Edirne draws attention with its richness in culinary culture. Almost every product can be grown in Edirne, which is suitable for agriculture and has very fertile soil. This led to diversity in culinary culture.

Fried liver which is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to Edirne, is an enormous taste made from the liver of cattle raised in the Thrace region.

Edirne meatball is one of the tastes created by Balkan taste. The beef meat, taken with thyme, black pepper and cumin, is rested for 12 hours and kneaded with finely chopped onion. Edirne meatballs, which have a unique round shape, softness and taste, are served with onion, tomato and green pepper and most importantly with tomato sauce.

Almond paste is traditional confectionery of Edirne. According to some sources, the origin (source) of this dessert, which Westerners call Marsepan or Masepan, is Spain. Spanish exiles who settled in Edirne during the reign of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, produced a “Bademezmesi” by mixing Dolce Blance (White Dessert) and crushed almonds. Palace chefs and Edirne taste masters have developed and spread this taste.

Edirne white cheese is famous all over Turkey. It is one of the most famous products of Edirne. White cheeses on the market have been named “Edirne Cheese” for many years. With the abundant and high quality of milk in the region and the milk being processed for a long time in icehouses, Edirne Cheese has announced its reputation to the whole world as full fat and delicious.

Zerde is a dessert, a sort of sweet pudding from rice that is colored yellow with saffron. Zerde differs from rice pudding insofar as it is prepared with water instead of milk.

Things to Do

Be active around Edirne

  • Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival

  • Watching the sunset from Meriç bridge

  • Kakava Festival

  • Shopping in historical bazaars

  • Edirne International Brass Band and Traditional Food Festival

  • Oily wrestling for over 600 years in Edirne is held at the end of June and at the beginning of July. Most tourists come to the city during these periods. Strong wrestlers fight in the field for three days. During the wrestling, Kırkpınar Festival is organized and various activities and games are held.”Traditional Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling” was described by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010 and included in the international list.

  • Meriç Bridge is a bridge that has been standing on the Meriç River for centuries. If you come to Edirne and want to watch the Meriç River from the most beautiful place, it is recommended to take a short walk over the bridge. Especially with the awakening of nature in the spring, the river and its surroundings take on a colorful nature cover and look like a unique painting.

  • The Kakava Festival, which takes place in 5- 6 May every year and is almost like a feast of joy, is the time when Edirne is the most colorful and fun. You will be amazed at the entertainments of the colorful and cheerful Romani people at the Edirne Kakava Festivals.

  • Shopping in historical bazaars will enable you to have a pleasant time. Visit the authentic atmosphere of the Ali Paşa, Bedesten and Arasta  Bazaars, you can see traditional handcrafts, daily need goods and buy gifts for your loved ones.

  • Each year celebrated in second week of May, 3 days.  Brass bands of National and Balkan Countries come as guest of Edirne Municipality, plays their songs on the streets of Edirne with a very entertaining programme. Traditional food “Edirne style fried liver” is served to tourists who come all over Turkey and foreign countries.

Where to Stay

Relax after the visit

The Plaza Hotel Edirne

The Plaza Hotel Edirne is literally located in the center of the city. There are Erasta Shopping Center, restaurants, pubs and cafes around. The Plaza Hotel Edirne is only a few kilometers from Selimiye Mosque, the masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, and many historical monuments. The hotel consists of a total of 49 rooms, 33 double and 16 family suites.

Istasyon District Armoni Street  No : 1/1, 22100 Edirne

Contact Info
Phone: +90 284 502 05 00
Mobile: +90 532 164 04 22
E-mail: info@theplazahotel.com
Website: www.theplazahoteledirne.com


Margi Hotel

If you’re looking for a family-friendly hotel in Edirne, look no further than Margi Hotel.Close to some of Edirne’s most popular landmarks, such as Beyazit II Mosque Complex (1.3 mi) and Bulgarian church of Sweti George (1.3 mi), Margi Hotel is a great destination for tourists.

1. Murat District Talatpaşa Street  No : 60 Edirne

Contact Info
Phone: +90 284 236 6 236
Fax: +90 284 236 2 600
E-mail: info@margiotel.com
Website: www.margiotel.com


RYS Hotel & Restaurant

RYS is a charming design hotel located in the hearth of magnificent ancient city Edirne, where has been the home of many civilizations for centuries.Every room at RYS comes standard with more than adequate minibar, 32″ Led Tv, wireless internet connection, tea and coffee station, central climate control, digital laptop size safe, carpeted floors, vanity kits and hair dryers.Rys is flawless in every aspect when it comes to business meeting, corporate events, and conferences. Rys meeting rooms offer the best facilities for all your meetings and differing events.

1.Murat District Talatpaşa Street Talatpaşa Street No : 82/1, 22030 Edirne

Contact Info
Phone: +90 284 2130 797
Fax: +90 284 2255 800
E-mail: info@ryshotel.com
Website: www.ryshotel.com

Hotel Edirne Palace

The hotel is located in the center of Edirne Bazaar, Selimiye Mosque, historical sites and landmarks such as City Center is within walking distance. The hotel is designed with a modern design that you can feel yourself in your home and will have all the amenities you will taste local specialties at breakfast.

Sabuni Vavlı Cami Street No : 4, Edirne

Contact Info
Phone: +90 284 214 74 74
Fax: +90 284 212 90 00
E-mail: info@hoteledirnepalace.com
Website: www.hoteledirnepalace.com

Useful Information

Take note of this important piece of data

Edirne is a historical city and has maintained its importance and value throughout history. Archaeological excavations show that the first settlement in Edirne and its surroundings went down to 5500 to 3500 BC and the first settlers in this region were the Thracian tribes. Later, Alexander the Great annexed these places to the vast borders of the Macedonian Empire. Afterward, these lands, dominated by the Romans, passed to the lands of Eastern Byzantine in 395 when the Roman Empire was divided into two.

Nowadays, Edirne is a tourism rising value. Festivals, culture, historical artifacts, the places of worhips of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Bahai Religion’s greets all humanity. You may visit three countries in one day, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.

You may visit edirnevisit.com for having information about Edirne and about the region.

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