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More than two dozen youth technicians at an ERASMUS+ mobility event promoted by ENPP

Between the 16th and 20th of October, the Tower/Paço do Castelo de Évora Monte was the stage for an ERASMUS+ mobility event in which more than two dozen technicians working with young people from 7 European countries participated: Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. This event, called YouthWorkers4Peace, was promoted by the European […]

Alcáçovas (Portugal) celebrates 543 years of its Peace Treaty

On the 4th of September, the village of Alcáçovas (Portugal) celebrates the 543rd anniversary of the signing of the Peace Treaty of Alcáçovas, signed between the Kingdoms of Portugal and Castile, which put an end to the so-called “War of the Succession of the Throne of Castile”. ” and defined for the first time the […]

The Municipality of Wermsdorf (Germany) is the new member of the ENPP

The Municipality of Wermsdorf (Germany) formalized its membership of the European Network of Places of Peace following the unanimous decision of its Municipal Council. The Municipality of Wermsdorf, chaired by Mr. Matthias Müller, has on its territory the Castle of Hubertusburg, where on February 15, 1763 the Peace Treaty known as “Peace of Hubertusburg” was […]


The Municipality of Estremoz (Portugal), a member of ENPP,  informs that as of this month of June, as a cultural offer, guided visits to the Castle of Évoramonte, which includes the medieval urban centre, the Tower/Paço Ducal, the Churches and the Interpretive Center of the Convention of Évora Monte. Two daily visits will be available, […]

ENPP held its Annual General Meeting

In online format, ENPP held its Annual General Meeting on April 7, at 4 pm (Portuguese time), to discuss and vote on the management documents for the year 2021 (Rendering of Accounts and Management Report) and the Activities Plan for 2022, and an assessment of the ongoing projects at the Association was also made. The […]

Évora Monte (Portugal) has a new Promotional Video

  The historic town of Évora Monte (Portugal) launched a new promotional video of its Historical, Architectural and Landscape Heritage, in an initiative of the local Parish Council. The video, entitled “Évora Monte – A Mountain of Emotions” invites the visitor to enjoy the built heritage (Torre/Paço, Igreja de Santa Maria, Capela da Misericórdia, Medieval […]


A truck with 24 tons of equipment and essential goods left the city of Estremoz (Portugal) on March 12 for the city of Khotyn (Ukraine), both partner cities of the European Network of Sites of Peace (ENPP). This solidarity shipment of goods and equipment responded to an appeal by the Mayor of Khotyn, Mr. Andryi […]


By decision of its City Council on 26 November 2021, the city of Khotyn, Ukraine, made official its membership of the European Network of Places for Peace, thus expanding to 10 the number of European countries that comprise it. The city of Khotyn, with a population of about 11,000 inhabitants, is located in the southwest […]