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João Carlos Chouriço, former Deputy Mayor for Culture of Municipality of Estremoz (Portugal) and supporter of ENPP, died yesterday

João Carlos Chouriço, from 2005 to 2009 the Vice-President and Deputy-Mayor of the Estremoz City Council (the municipality to which Evoramonte belongs), suddenly died yesterday, February 21 . João Carlos Chouriço was an unconditional supporter of the process of establishing of European Network of Places of Peace either personally or as Deputy-Mayor for Culture, having […]

Places of Peace Route evaluator visited Wermsdorf (Germany)

As part of the certification process of the Places of Peace Route as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, the evaluator appointed by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Ms Maria Gravari-Barbas visited last 8th February the town of Wermsdorf (Saxony, Germany) where the Castle of Hubertusburg is located in order to take […]

Altranstädt receives voluntary award

The Association for the Promotion of Altranstädt Castle (Germany), a ENPP member, was awarded with the prize “With soul and heart for Saxony” for its volunteer work for the recovery and animation of that important German historical monument, in which the so-called “Peace of Altranstädt” was signed during the Great Northern War (1700-1721) between the […]

Altranstädt (Germany) celebrated Poppy Day

The Association for the Promotion of the Castle of Altranstädt (Germany), a member of the ENPP, celebrated last November 11 the 100th anniversary of the end of the 1st World War. The members of the association gathered in the square in front of the World War I Memorial and kept a minute of silence in […]

UNWTO Congress highlights the role of Cultural Routes in Competitive Tourism

The 2nd International Congress on World Civilizations and Historical Routes held on 16 and 17 September in the city of Sofia explored how tourism along historic routes can help to safeguard and promote tangible and intangible cultural heritage and concludes that historic routes can play a major role in revealing the unique history, culture and […]


The treaty of Passarowitz (today, Pozarevác, Republic of Serbia) was concluded 300 years ago in 1718 after the military victories of the Habsburg Monarchy against the Ottoman Empire that originally started war on the Republic of Venice. After the first commemoration at the Michel Montaigne University in Bordeaux in June, another international conference was held […]


The German city of Bautzen (Saxony) is the latest ENPP member, represented by the association STEINHAUS, e.V. which works closely with the local municipality. The city of Bautzen is located in Saxony, Germany with about 40.000 inhabitants and on January 1018 a Peace Treaty between the Holy Roman Empire and Poland was signed in the city. […]

Open Monument Day celebrated in Altranstädt Castle (Germany)

The Association for the Promotion of  Altranstädt Castle in Germany, founding member of ENPP, celebrated the Open Monument Day 2018 with several events which attracted many visitors to the place where on September 24, 1706 an Interim Peace was signed during the Great Northern War (1700-1721) between August II, the Strong and Karl XII, of […]

Bicycle Tour For Peace in Kaynardzha, Bulgaria

On 21st September, the Municipality of Kaynardzha, Bulgaria, a member of ENPP since 2015 will organized a Bicycle Tour, coinciding with the UN World Day of Peace according the  UN General Assembly declaration  and resolution taked in 1981. For the first time this day is celebrated on the initiative of UNESCO in 1984. Under the […]