On June 21st, the Municipality of Kaynardzha celebrated the 250th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty signed in that location in 1774, between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire.
The celebrations, in which various political and religious authorities from Kaynardzha and the Silistra Region participated, took place throughout the morning in the Park of Peace and began with three short speeches alluding to the date given by the Mayor of Kaynardzha, Mr. Lyuben Sivev, by the Administrator of the Silistra Region, Mr. Ilijan Velikov and by the President of ENPP, Eduardo Basso, followed by the inauguration of a Plaque Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Kaynardzha Peace Treaty.
The Celebrations ended with a colloquium on the role of the Kaynardzha Peace Treaty in the History of Bulgaria and Europe with the participation of several academics from the Universities of Veliko Tarnovo, Silistra and other places in Bulgaria, held at the Visitor Center of the Park of Peace.
ENPP was present at these Celebrations at the invitation of the Mayor of Kaynardzha and was represented by its President of the Board, Eduardo Basso, who placed a bouquet of flowers on the Plaque Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of that Peace Treaty.