Several members of the Association for the Promotion of Altransädt Castle (Germany), a founding member of ENPP, promoted the bicycle connection between the 2 Places of Peace  in Saxony.
On May 4th, they covered the 76 km that separate Altranstädt from Wermsdorf, the city where Hubertusburg Castle is located, in an action to promote peace which is both necessary and important in the troubled times we are going through.
During the route, which lasted around 6 hours, the cyclists visited several locations and took the opportunity to carry out actions to promote Peace, the main objective of this initiative.
Upon arrival at Hubertusburg Castle, where the Peace Treaty putting an end to the well-known Seven Years’ War was signed, they were received by Mrs. Martina Lotzmann, from the Board of Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association, also a founding member of ENPP, who provided an interesting and well-documented guided tour of this Castle.
On May 5th, the participating cyclists made the return journey with the pride of having covered more than 150 km promoting Peace.