Today, April 26th, several previous young German participants in ERASMUS+ projects managed by ENPP and other young people interested in participating in these projects in the future, held a meeting at Hubertusburg Castle (Wermsdorf, Germany) in fulfillment of one of the objectives of these projects: disseminating the learning obtained within the scope of the Culture of Peace, Human Rights and Democratic Civic Participation with its local communities, schools and youth organizations.
This meeting was promoted by the Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association, a founding member of ENPP, and discussed, among other issues, the future participation of these young people in the association’s activities, namely in the Hubertusburg Talks and the Youth Peace Prize which this association will hold next September as well as the various experiences of young people working for Peace.
The meeting had financial support from the institution “PARTNERSHIP FOR DEMOCRACY IN NORTH SAXONY”.