The next international youth mobility event – the ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange – managed by ENPP will take place in the town of Alcañices in Spain, the place where, on September 12, 1297, the Treaty that bears its name was signed. The Peace Treaty of Alcañices brought the peace between the Kingdoms of Portugal and Castile and defined the border between Portugal and Spain, recognized as the oldest border in all  of Europe.
This international youth mobility event will take place between the 10th and 16th of March has the support of the Ayuntamiento de Alcañices (Municipality of Alcañices), an effective member of ENPP and the participation of more than 35 young people and 6 group leaders from 6 European countries (Spain, Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine) is expected. During their stay in Alcañices, young participants will debate topics such as European Citizenship, Human Rights and, of course, the Culture of Peace and will have the opportunity to contact the populations and institutions of Alcañices and its region.

The ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange project is organized by ENPP and financed by the Portuguese National Agency “ERASMUS+/Juventude em Ação”.