The following text published on Facebook today by Anastasyia Baryska, teacher in the city of Khotyn (Ukraine) and participant in ENPP’ ERASMUS+ Project YouthWorkers4Peace held in Évora Monte (Portugal) in October 2022, shows ENPP is on the right way:

“Continuing the series of online meetings, in cooperation with the German city of Teltov, students of Lanka Khotyn secondary school I-III grades No. 1 and seven years of Grace Hopper Teltov school today were able to see each other for the first time and tell a little about themselves. One of the difficult tasks was to provide answers to questions related to the war in our country. The children told us how they spent their time at school during an air alert, what they did when the lights went out, and whether they were able to do their favorite hobbies and things now. ????At the end of the meeting, students were able to share their thoughts about what peace means to them and in what words we can describe it. Thanks to Youthworkers4Peace led by Eduardo Basso the children and I were able to discuss what equality and peace are and how everyone sees it, regardless of nationality or age.
PS. Thank you Mr. Eduardo Basso for this great opportunity to promote peace and respect among these young yet adult minds.

ENPP  is now an entity accredited by ERASMUS+ and plans to continue carrying out projects in defense of peace at least until 2027.