At its General Assembly held on October 27, 2023 in the town of Kaynardzha (Bulgaria), ENPP approved a Declaration on the War in Ukraine, in which it defends the primacy of dialogue and negotiation to put an end to this war.
Here is the full text of the approved Declaration:





  1. More than a year and a half after the outbreak of this war in Ukraine, the danger of its spread to the nearest countries and to Europe as a whole persist and worsen, as ENPP warned five days after its start, continuing to witness the growing militarization of the conflict to the detriment of initiatives that lead to Peace;
  2. ENPP’s priority concern goes to all those who have already suffered, continue to suffer or are at risk of suffering with the continuation of this war and its eternalization in time, namely the Ukrainian people, with thousands of deaths and destruction of the its heritage and all other European peoples who already suffer from its indirect consequences (inflation, economic stagnation, etc.);
  3. ENPP’s action, based on its statutory principles, namely based on paragraph c) of its Article 3, is oriented towards the primacy of dialogue and negotiation that puts an end to this war and establishes all the conditions necessary for sustainable and lasting peace in Europe.
  4. The United Nations, the European Union and NATO must guide their action in respect for the main objective for which they were created, that is, to guarantee peace in Europe and the world and this cannot be achieved with weapons but with negotiations.


The General Assembly of the European Network of Places of Peace Association, based on its statutory principles and the historical heritage of the Peace Treaties signed in the European places that constitute it, decides:

1 – Repudiate and condemn all initiatives contrary to the use of dialogue and negotiation in resolving conflicts between peoples and, consequently, repudiate and condemn the armed invasion of Ukrainian territory by the Russian Federation as well as all actions aimed at prioritizing military solutions to the detriment of dialogue and negotiation;

2 – Urge and appeal to the main European institutions (European Union and Council of Europe) to act in accordance with the interests of all European peoples and with the very principles that guided their constitution (Treaty of Maastricht/1992 and Foundation of

the CoE/ 1949), directing its action to put an end to this war and create the conditions to guarantee a lasting peace for all the Ukrainian people and to prevent the spread of this war and its consequences for the remaining European peoples;

3 – Act to raise awareness among European institutions, the national powers and the USA of the urgent need to pursue policies leading to an end to this war, as quickly as possible, based on the assumptions and guidelines defined in the previous points and according to the interests of the populations of all Ukraine, including Donbass and Crimeia,  expressed democratically and under the supervision of the United Nations.

Kaynardzha (Bulgaria), October 27, 2023

The Annual General Assembly of the European Network of Places of Peace