The international mobility event for technicians who work with young people took place between October 29th and November 4th, in the village of Kaynardzha (Bulgaria) with the participation of 28 technicians (teachers, youth association leaders and municipal technicians) from 8 European countries: Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
During the 5 days of work, participants presented communications about their countries and the peace treaties signed in the places where they come from, and debated various topics such as the issue of Human Rights in light of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948 and the Declaration on the Culture of Peace approved by the UN in 1999 and presented work plans to disseminate the learning obtained during this Training Course in their schools, communities and municipalities.
The healthy and enthusiastic group spirit created and the communion of principles in defense of peace in Europe and the world among participants from such different countries, politically, culturally and socially, was one of the most relevant aspects of this international mobility event managed by ENPP, organized by its effective member, Municipality of Kaynardzha (Bulgaria) and financed by the ERASMUS+ program through the Portuguese National Agency “ERASMUS+/Juventude em Ação”.
As ENPP is currently an entity accredited by ERASMUS+, it is expected that international mobility events for technicians and youth mobility will be held until the end of 2027. Under these conditions, the next youth mobility event (16 to 25 years old) has already been scheduled for the 10th to 16th of March 2024, in the town of Alcañices (Spain), where on September 12, 1297 the treaty that defined the border between Portugal and Spain, commonly considered the oldest border in Europe, was signed between the Crowns of Portugal and Castile.