At the end of October, the village of Kaynardzha, in Bulgaria, hosts two events promoted by ENPP and the Municipality of Kaynardzha, a member of ENPP since 2015: the 15th European Meeting of the Association European Network of Places of Peace  (ENPP) and the international mobility event ERASMUS+“Training Course”.
The 15th ENPP European Meeting will take place between the 26th and 29th of October, with the participation of ENPP members from 10 European countries and will discuss, among other issues, the nominations of sites associated with the signing of Peace Treaties for the European Heritage Label (EHL), the candidacy of the “Peace Games” event to the “CREATIVE EUROPE” program, the strengthening of the structure of the “Places of Peace Route” and its candidacy for Cultural Route of the Council of Europe  as well as the current war situation in Europe.
The “ERASMUS+ Training Course” mobility event, which takes place from October 29th to November 4th, will feature the participation of 32 technicians who work with young people from 8 European countries (Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine).