The Municipality of Estremoz and another 6 Municipalities from 6 European Countries submitted yesterday an application entitled “PEACE GAMES” to the CREATIVE EUROPE program of the European Union. In addition to the Municipality of Estremoz as lead partner, this application includes the Municipalities of Zadar (Croatia), Khotyn (Ukraine), Vasvár (Hungary), Kaynardzha (Bulgaria), Alcañices (Spain) and Viana do Alentejo (Portugal), all members members of the Association European Network of Places of Peace (ENPP).
The application was presented in the “Medium Scale” category and is a cultural cooperation project between places in Europe where relevant Peace Treaties were signed, which will promote the circulation of groups and artists from different areas (Music, Theatre, Crafts, Visual Arts and Sciences/History) from all the countries that integrate it with the aim of creating cultural products that appeal and promote Peace among the European Peoples.
During the execution of the project, multinational teams will be created which will carry out several online meetings and face-to-face meetings in the different places and countries that are part of the application, with the objective of reinforcing the feeling of belonging of the European peoples to the European Union, as well as to implement a Culture of Peace in Europe, namely from the perspective that Peace is not a given, as the current war situation in Europe proves.
If approved, the project will last for 4 years (2024/2027) and will culminate in a major event with the participation of all multinational teams and all member countries (PEACE GAMES) to be held in the city of Estremoz (Portugal) on the 2nd. quarter of 2027.