The transnational application “Places of Peace”, which integrates 7 sites located in 6 EU Member States, was approved by the Government of Croatia, the country where it was submitted to the national selection, and has already been submitted by the Croatian authorities to the European Commission for selection purposes at European level with the explicit approval of the Governments (Ministries of Culture) of all the countries in which the places that integrate it are located.

The “Places of Peace” application aims to award the European Heritage Label to the 7 places that constitute it, all of them European places where important Peace Treaties were signed: Paço dos Henriques (Alcáçovas, Portugal), Évora Monte Convention House (Évora Monte, Portugal), Historic Complex of Alcañices (Alcañices, Spain), Trencin Castle (Trencin, Slovakia), House of Peace (Vasvár, Hungary), Monastery of Sf. Francis (Zadar, Croatia) and Park of Histoical Fountain of Kaynardzha (Kaynardzha, Bulgaria).

It should be noted that all these places are part of the Places of Peace Route and that their management entities, all public entities, are members of the Association European Network of Places of Peace, which promoted the preparation and submission of the transnational application “Places of Peace”.

Approval is now awaited by the European Commission, which, if it becomes a reality, will allow not only to give European visibility to this 7 sites where Peace Treaties were signed, but also to carry out a series of actions to enhance the value of these sites.