Between the 19th and 25th of February, more than 40 young people from 5 European countries (Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany and Portugal) will meet at the Torre/Paço de Évora Monte to talk about Peace, as part of a project called “Youth4Peace” , promoted by the European Network of Places of Peace, an association based in this historic town, and funded by the ERASMUS+ program through the National Agency ERASMUS+/Youth in Action.
During their stay in Évora Monte, the young participants will have the opportunity to discuss among themselves ways to strengthen a Culture of Peace among young Europeans, the implementation of Human Rights in particular the Rights of Young People, as well as ways to increase active participation of young people in the democratic life of each country and of Europe in general.
In addition to the activities to be carried out at the Torre/Paço de Évora Monte, the young people participating in this project will also have the opportunity to get to know the town that will receive them, its history and its main institutions, as well as visiting the cities of Estremoz and Évora.
Coming from very different countries but from places with similar historical realities because important Peace Treaties were signed there, the young participants will exchange information about their life experiences in their countries and about the importance for the European History of the Peace Treaties signed in the places of where they come from. The young Portuguese participants come from the municipalities of Estremoz and Viana do Alentejo, to which the two Portuguese places where important peace treaties were signed (Évora Monte and Alcáçovas) and also from the municipality of Évora (Agrupamento de Escolas Gabriel Pereira) belong.
This youth meeting in Évora Monte also has the support of the Municipalities of Estremoz and Viana do Alentejo, both members of the Association European Network of Places of Peace .