On the 4th of September, the village of Alcáçovas (Portugal) celebrates the 543rd anniversary of the signing of the Peace Treaty of Alcáçovas, signed between the Kingdoms of Portugal and Castile, which put an end to the so-called “War of the Succession of the Throne of Castile”. ” and defined for the first time the division of the world between these two kingdoms and opening the door to the maritime expansion of the two peninsular kingdoms.
The Commemorations of the Treaty of Alcáçovas (also known as the Treaty of Alcáçovas/Toledo) will take place from 5 pm at Paço dos Henriques (place where the peace negotiations took place) and its Program includes an Official and Institutional Ceremony, a Historical Recreation by the Scenic Group of “Sociedade União Alcaçovense” and at 6 pm an Exhibition entitled “O Paço dos Henriques: History and Memory”, by Fátima Farrica will be inaugurated. The Celebrations end with a Medieval Music concert by the group “Barro Negro” at 9 pm.
The Commemorations of the Treaty of Alcáçovas are part of the Cultural Week program of that Portuguese village and are an organization of the Parish of Alcáçovas, a member of the ENPP and the Sociedade União Alcaçovense, with the support of the Municipality of Viana do Alentejo and Evoramonte Castle Friendship Association, both members of the ENPP.