In online format, ENPP held its Annual General Meeting on April 7, at 4 pm (Portuguese time), to discuss and vote on the management documents for the year 2021 (Rendering of Accounts and Management Report) and the Activities Plan for 2022, and an assessment of the ongoing projects at the Association was also made.
The management documents were unanimously approved by the members present.
With regard to ongoing projects, the Annual General Assembly considered the projects applied by the Association and other partners to the ERASMUS+ program, took cognizance of the application submitted by the Association for the EUROPA NOSTRA 2022 Awards, reviewed the status of the preparation of the application of sites in Europe where Peace Treaties were signed to the European Heritage Label for the 2023 evaluation period and discussed the possibility of submitting a new application of “Places of Peace Route” to Cultural Route of the Council of Europe for the 2022/2023 evaluation period in response to the invitation received in this regard from the Executive Secretary of the Extended Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.
The General Assembly was also informed of the invitation by the President of the Board of the Association Trencin European Town, a member of the ENPP, to hold the 2022 European face-to-face meeting in that Slovak city at the beginning of next September.