In a symbolic ceremony held today in Évora Monte (Portugal), the management of the main monument in this town (the Tower/Paço) has definitively passed into the hands of the Municipality of Estremoz, a member of the ENPP.
The key to this monument, classified as a Portuguese National Monument since 1911, was handed over by the Regional Director of Culture of Alentejo, Dr. Paula Amendoeira, to the Mayor of Estremoz, Prof. José Daniel Sadio (in the photo).
With this transfer of management, the conditions are created for a more frequent and adequate use of this important space in the Castle of Évora Monte, the place where the Convention that ended the bloody Civil War that Portugal knew in the first quarter of the 19th century was signed.
During the session, a Cultural Development Plan for the Castle of Évora Monte was also presented, which, among other actions, provides for regular guided tours to the main places of interest in the site, namely the Tower/Paço, the Convention House and the Évora Monte Convention Interpretive Center, the Santa Maria Church and the Misericórdia Chapel.
In the Tower/Paço, consisting of 3 floors, there will be a temporary exhibition room, an exhibition about this monument and a museum of medieval tombstones.