The town of Évora Monte (Portugal), where on May 26, 1834 the Peace Treaty which ended the bloodiest Portuguese civil war was signed, opened today, December 10, 2021, the Interpretative Center of that Peace Treaty, in the small house where it was signed.

The Interpretive Center is divided into 3 rooms and is equipped with the most modern communication technologies. In the entrance room, in addition to the reception for visitors where it is possible to obtain a brochure in 3 languages ​​(Portuguese, Spanish and English), a large panel introduces the visitor to the theme and on an interactive table it is possible to collect all information about the called “Convention of Évora Monte”.

In another room, visitors can watch a high quality video that explains, in simple and attractive language, the facts that preceded the Civil War, the main events that marked the war and finally, the signing of the treaty and its main terms. Also in this room, an interactive wall panel allows the visitor to walk through the sites and battles of the Portuguese Civil War 1832-1834.

On the 1st building’s floor, the room is dedicated to a reconstruction of the Convention’s signature with figures representing its main actors, the original table and inkwell that were used on the day of the signing. In this room, visitors can also obtain more information on 3 wall panels: One with the Historical, Philosophical and Political Framework and the Vespers of the Conflict, another containing the text of the Convention of Évora Monte and a third under the theme “The Government Liberal and the new Constitution of 1828”.

This equipment enriches the experience of visiting the Historic Center of Évora Monte and allows visitors to know the importance for Portugal (and beyond) of the historic event that brought Peace to Portugal in the first quarter of the 19th century.

The Interpretative Center of the Convention of Évora Monte is an initiative of the Municipality of Estremoz, owner of the building where it is installed, financed by Tourist Portuguese Office through the “Valorizar” program.


In the Photo: Historical Reenactment of the Signature of the Convention of Évora Monte