The 13th ENPP European Meeting took place, as scheduled, from the past 14th to 17th of October, in the city of Markranstädt (Germany). It was the first meeting of the Network after the pandemic period, but even so the presence of delegations from some countries, namely from Eastern Europe, was hampered due to the most recent outbreak of COVID-19 that has affected and continues to affect those countries. For this and other reasons, the Meeting worked in a mixed way, in person and online.

The Opening Session, held on 15 October in a meeting room provided by the Municipality of Markranstädt, was attended by members of the Network, in person or online, as well as several guests, including the Mayor of Markranstädt, Ms. Nadine Stitterich, the elected Mayor of the Municipality of Estremoz, Professor José Daniel Sadio, the Director of the Cotroceni National Museum of Bucharest, Mr. Liviu Jicmann and Mr. Rien Sprenger, responsible for the European Cultural Route of St. Martin in the city of Utrecht (Netherlands ) where an important Peace Treaty was signed as well as a delegation from the Municipality of Khotyn (Ukraine), where in 1621 a Peace Treaty was also signed, headed by its Mayor, Mr. Andriy Dranchuk .

During the Opening Session, a heartfelt tribute was paid to Dr. Georg Müller, former President of the Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association and one of the most enthusiastic promoters of the ENPP, who died on the 25th of September 2021, which consisted of a minute of silence and the emission of a video summarizing the contribution made by Dr. Georg Müller to the creation and development of ENPP during its first years of life, as well as his activity in the German association he presided over. As a result, the 13th ENPP European Meeting approved the attribution to Dr. Georg Müller of the posthumous title of Honorary Member.

During the period of the Agenda, the ENPP European Meeting discussed the strengthening and future activity of the Scientific Council, the presentation of a new application for the sites where Peace Treaties were signed for the European Heritage label (EHL) as well as the Activity Plan the 3-year and 3-year Financial Plan, documents that will now be discussed in each of the members with a view to their approval in the near future.

During the Meeting, visits were carried out in Markranstädt and the neighboring region, which culminated in several visits to institutions and monuments in the city of Leipzig.

The next ENPP European Meeting is scheduled for the 1st half of 2022, in a location yet to be defined.