Dr. Georg Müller, former president of the Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association (Wermsdorf, Germany), passed away today.
It’s really very bad news for the family, for the Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association (Member of ENPP), for Wermsdorf and for the European Network of Places of Peace, which he co-founded and started working with in 2007 when our Network was still a project in its infancy. The dedication, enthusiasm and great commitment to publicize the Historic Heritage of the Castle of Hubertusburg are particularly noteworthy.
When in 2007 the Evorameonte Castle Friendship Association began contacts with European organizations with a view to creating the European Network of Places of Peace, the first response (and what an enthusiastic response) we received was precisely from Dr. Georg Müller, president of Hubertusburg Castle on that date Friendship Association. We especially recall the speech he made at the Peace Conference held in Évora Monte (Portugal) in December 2007  which constituted the starting point of our Network and made us sure that the project we had idealized made perfect sense.
ENPP, by the hand of its Vice President, Mr. Ulf Müller, will deliver to Dr. George Müller’s family a bunch of flowers on behalf of the European Network of Places of Peace. ENPP will also present to the family, through his son Mr. Matthias Müller, Mayor of Wermsdorf, the condolences on behalf of all members of our Network.
Our Network is in mourning. At our 13th ENPP Meeting to be held in Markranstädt (Germany) between the 14th and the 17th of October, the ENPP will pay due tribute to Dr. George Müller and will propose his posthumous appointment as an Honorary Member of the ENPP.

Photo: Dr. Georg Müller at the signing of the public deed of ENPP (Torre/Paço de Évora Monte, Portugal, 28 May 2010)

Video “Tribute Dr. Georg Müller” in https://youtu.be/8OFUxTDOh_E