On September 21st the bells will ring across Europe

This Tuesday, 21st of September, celebrates 40 years of the institution by the General Assembly of the United Nations of the International Day of Peace.
To mark this date, the European civic association “Europa Nostra” has launched a Europe-wide initiative called “Ringing the Bells for Peace&Heritage” which consists of a simultaneous ringing of bells at 12:00 (Time of Central Europe)  in hundreds of towns and cities across Europe, also coinciding with the 2021 European Cultural Heritage Conference in Venice (Italy).
Since this initiative fits into the main objectives of the association, namely with regard to the dissemination of a culture of peace and the defense of the Heritage of Peace, the European Network of Places for Peace (ENPP) joined the initiative of “Europa Nostra” and encouraged its members to actively participate in it on 21 September.
Thus, at the same time as many other places in Europe, the bells will also ring at least in the following places in our Network: Alcáçovas, Portugal (Igreja Matriz), Évora Monte, Portugal (Igreja de S. Pedro), Hubertusburg Castle, Wermsdorf, Germany (Catholic Church), Trencin, Slovakia, Zadar, Croatia and  Kaynardzha, Bulgaria.
Anyone wishing to join the initiative in these places will simply publish a photograph or video captured during the period in which the bells will ring on Social Media, mentioning the hashtag #Ringingthebells.