On the 3rd and 4th of September 2021, on the initiative of the Municipality of Viana do Alentejo, member of ENPP, several initiatives and events commemorate the 542 Years of the Treaty of Alcáçovas/Toledo, also known as “Paz de Alcáçovas”, signed on 4 September of 1479.
The commemorative initiatives will take place at Paço dos Henriques, in Alcáçovas, where the Treaty that ended the War of Succession of Castile (1475-1479) and opened the doors to the maritime expansion of the two Iberian countries was signed.

On September 3, from 6:30 pm, Bela Mestre will present the book “Doors and Windows that Count on Stories” which brings together 30 images of original watercolors of doors and windows in the town of Alcáçovas, which will be followed by the inauguration of an exhibition of these images which will be on display at Paço dos Henriques.

On September 4th, the ceramist Helena Garcia will dynamize a ceramics workshop, followed by the presentation at 5 pm the mural project “Women and Wisdom passed between Generations”, a mural open to the participation of the population and which intends to celebrate the role of women in the region and their wisdom across generations.

The program to commemorate the 542 Years of the Treaty of Alcáçovas/Toledo will close at 6:30 pm on September 4th with the Conference entitled “D. João, Marquês de Montemor e Senhor das Alcáçovas. Biographical and political aspects” and which will portray the historical character of D. João de Bragança.