The new exhibition at Hubertusburg Castle in Wermsdorf, scheduled for this year, is now in the process of being realised, and for the first time local people are also involved because the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD), the entity responsible by this German Castle, have invited everyone who feels connected to the castle to help create this exhibition.

The curator in charge, Selene Vincent from the SKD, points out that the exhibition is not only about history but also about current events.  “We are interested in joining all people associate with this place” she said.

The show is scheduled to take place in Hubertusburg from 11 September 2021.  So there is already plenty of historical visual material and even individual pieces from the former faience factory of Hubertusburg.

The popularity of the exhibition is not surprising, as there is a strong local desire to show visitors an exhibition in the castle again soon.

Many of the exhibits from the Dresden State Art Collections will also be presented in this royal hunting residence.

Thematically, the new exhibition will show the following contents, among others:

– the history of construction and use

– the history of the Hubertusburg Peace Treaties

– the forest and hunting

– the historical personalities, as well as,

– the beautiful things, such as faience and earthenware.

The presentation will probably be on display in the castle until November.

Next year there is planned to launch another exhibition. This was announced by CDU member of the state parliament Dr Christiane Schenderlein in view of the budget passed by the Free State of Saxony. The necessary funds are already available.

The Freundeskreis Schloss Hubertusburg e.V. (Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association), member of ENPP,  together with the municipal administration of Wermsdorf and other actors in the region, will actively support the preparations of this exhibition, whereby the special appreciation of the Hubertusburg Peace and the joint work in the European Network of Places of Peace will also play an important role.