Places of Peace Route” project, which is part of the larger project of the Association European Network of Places of Peace, won the 2ND prize in the NGO/Associations category, during the “Planetiers World Gathering” event held in the city of Lisbon, last Friday, 22 October.

The organization “Planetiers” guides its activity towards the sustainability of our planet, integrating very diverse themes, among which “culture for peace”. 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohan Munasinghe was one of the keynote speakers at this event.


“Places of Peace Route” is a cultural route of places in Europe where Peace Treaties were signed, created in 2012 and whose main objectives are the dissemination of culture for Peace and the tourist promotion of the places integrating it.

Currently “Places of Peace Route” includes 11 places in Europe located in 9 countries: Alcáçovas and Évora Monte (Portugal), Alcañices (Spain), Altranstädt and Hubertusburg/ Wermsdorf (Germany), Trencin (Slovakia), Vasvár (Hungary), Zadar (Croatia), Kaynardzha (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania) and Edirne (Turkey) and is a Candidate Route for Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, for the 2020/2021 evaluation period.

This award is an acknowledgment of the quality of “Places of Peace Route” project and an important incentive for the work that public and private institutions in the various locations of the Route have been carrying out with a view to its European visibility and implantation.