Following the decision taken by the ENPP General Assembly and the Meeting of Scientific Council of Places of Peace Route, the Board of ENPP  successfully submitted a new application of “Places of Peace Route” to Cultural Route of the Council of Europe for the evaluation cycle 2020-2021.

This new application includes 12 places located in 9 European countries (from east to west): Edirne (Turkey), Kaynardzha (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania), Zadar (Croatia), Vasvár (Hungary), Trencin (Slovakia), Bautzen (Germany), Hubertusburg/Wermsdorf (Germany), Altranstädt (Germany), Alcañices (Spain), Évora Monte (Portugal) and Alcáçovas (Portugal).

With the submission of this application , a process begins which ENPP Board and all its members expect to end with the certification of Places of Peace Route by the Council of Europe, which may happen in April 2021 during the Governing Board Meeting of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of Council of Europe, if the planned timetable does not change.