On 24th of April, the members of European Network of Places of Peace met by videoconference to discuss various issues related to the present and future activity of the Network, with the participation of representatives of the Network’s locations in Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.

The members of the Network unanimously approved a Vote of Condolences for the death of Professor Doctor Diogo Freitas do Amaral, a great friend and supporter of ENPP, and decided to grant him the degree of ENPP Honorary Member, posthumously.

The members of the Network also unanimously approved a proposal by the President of the Board to submit again an application of Places of Peace Route for Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, after an invitation addressed by the European Institute of Cultural Routes based in Luxembourg.

The meeting also carried out a review of the preparatory work at each site for the application of places in Europe where Peace Treaties were signed to the European Heritage Label in the category of “transnational site” which started in last Januar /February.

It was found that this work was interrupted in practically all locations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but was decided to continue preparing the application as soon as possible so that the list of locations included in the application, current members of the Network or not, can be closed until 15th September 2020, regardless of a possible postponement of the application deadline by the European Commission.

The members of the Network exchanged information about the consequences of the current epidemic crisis in each country and decided to take a public position whose text is currently being prepared.