A German scientific publication, edited by the Leibniz Institute for European History, based in the city of Mainz (Germany), refers to our Association in an article by Prof. Martin Peters under the title “Places of peace in Europe – Reflections on a topography of pre-modern peace agreements”.
On page 34 of this scientific article that essentially addresses the issue of the memory of the Peace Treaties in the cities and places in Europe where were signed, the author writes that there are in Europe “… initiatives that show that the conclusion of a peace treaty in a city or municipality it is still particularly important for its history and for its self-image ”and adds that“ since 2007, there has been an initiative called “Places of Peace” founded in Évora Monte (Portugal), in which the Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association (Editor’s note: German organization, member of ENPP) and which is committed to raising awareness of the places where Peace Treaties were signed. ”
This reference to ENPP in a scientific article by this prestigious German Institute is especially gratifying to us, in particular because the author reveals that he perfectly understood the essential genesis and content of our Network.