The city of Tartu, Estonia, is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty signed with Russia in the city on February 2, 1920 and which recognized the independence of the Republic of Estonia, ended the War of Independence and paved the way for the international recognition of Estonia.

The first ceasefire proposal between Estonia and Russia was submitted by Soviet Russia on 25 July 1919. The peace negotiations began in Tartu on 4 December 1919 and lasted until 2 February 1920, date in which the text of the treaty was finally approved and signed.

The Commemorations of the 100 Years of the Treaty of Tartu, organized by the local Municipality, started last December 12 with the lighting of candles in the city sites related to negotiations and signing of the Treaty and will continue until next February 2, day in which there will be several official ceremonies and a Gala Concert at the Concert Vanemuine Hall in Tartu.

The Program of these Commemorations also includes the opening of several exhibitions including the exhibition of Original Peace Treaty, information actions aimed at secondary school students, guided tours of places related to the signing of the Treaty and the launch of a € 2 commemorative coin (Tartu Peace 100 Years), among others .