The celebrated photo taken in Evoramonte, Portugal by the astrophotographer Miguel Claro (Dark Sky Alqueva, Portugal) has now received a new distinction when it is published in the January 2020 edition of the prestigious National Geographic magazine, Portuguese edition, in its section “Visions”.
In the text accompanying the photo published by National Geographic magazine (hereinafter transcribed), Miguel Claro highlights the fact that an important Peace Treaty was signed in Evoramonte and is therefore the birthplace of European Network of Places of Peace (ENPP).
“A supermoon makes its appearance behind Evoramonte’s Tower-Palace. Here was signed, on May 26, 1834, the convention that ended the only Portuguese civil war. Due to this important historical heritage, Evoramonte is also the birthplace of the European Network of Places of Peace.”

Thanks to Miguel Claro and National Geogrphic magazine.