The Municipality of Viana do Alentejo,  member of ENPP, is the Portuguese municipality which most invests in culture, according to a study commissioned by the “Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos”, a Portuguese Foundation.

According to this study based on data from 2017, the Municipality of Viana do Alentejo invests in culture 34% of its annual crop budget (the central administration invests only 0.2%) which corresponds to an amount of € 391 per inhabitant, the which places it in the front of the ranking of all Portuguese municipalities.

The Municipality of Viana do Alentejo has had, over the last years, a cultural policy based on the safeguarding of its material and intangible heritage, including the inscription of Rattle Manufacturing on the UNESCO Safeguard List in 2015 and the recovery and public use of Paço dos Henriques in 2016, where the important Treaty of Alcáçovas (1479) was signed, which ended the War of Succession of Castile and opened the doors to the maritime expansion of the two Iberian countries.

It was in this place that, in 2017, the 10th ENPP European Meeting took place.