Outstanding rococo works of art and a roaring wedding of the century – two special exhibitions at Hubertusburg Palace, one of the largest hunting lodges in Europe, invite you on a journey through the time: when Prince Friedrich August, the son of August the Strong, married the emperor’s daughter Maria Josepha in Dresden in September 1719, the European public witnessed a glittering festival with operas, processions, masquerades and everything the late baroque festival culture had to offer.

Exhibition venue: Hubertusburg Palace, Wermsdorf

Duration:  28-04-2019  to 06-10-2019

Opening hours: daily 10 am to 6 pm (Monday closed)

In the first part of the exhibition, the State Art Collections of Dresden invite you to rediscover the prince’s court and “The Lost Saxon Rococo”. The exhibition rooms in the former Beletage of the Palace, with well over 100 top-class works of art and treasures of the Saxon rococo, transport the viewer into the middle of the courtly everyday life of the couple, whose passion for music, art and culture had a decisive influence on the style of their time.


“It was the wedding of the century!” – In the second part of the exhibition, „Saxony – Country of Castles“ fills the now unadorned rooms with life again in areas of the castle accessible for the first time. With the help of video installations and a rotatable 360° video screen, parts of the building shine in their old splendour facing the eyes of the visitors and show them in the way they once thought up and furnished Maria Josepha and Friedrich August II. Finally, the journey through time, culminates in a rousing 360° video installation, in which the guests are invited to join in the celebration of the pompous festival, the “wedding of the century”.