Attentive to the Material Heritage of its region, the Association for the Promotion of  Altranstädt Castle (Germany) lauch next 5 May in this castle an exhibition under the theme “100 Years Bauhaus – The House of Crows in Zwenkau”.

The House of Crows in Zwenkau, near Leipzig, is the only building in the world that was built by the two great drivers of  Bauhaus, Adolf Rading and Oskar Schlemmer.

It is a three-storey residential building considered as one of the main cultural monuments of modernity in Central Germany and its special value lies in the artistic design of interiors totally under the responsibility of the Bauhaus painter Oskar Schlemmer. In international terms, this building is commonly described as an icon of modernism and one of the last highlights of the New Building of the Weimar Republic in Germany.

Founded in 1919 in Germany during the Weimar Republic, the Bauhaus School was one of the largest and most important expressions of the so-called “Modernism in Design and Architecture”, being the first design school in the world with great impact on the development of arts and  architecture of Western Europe, as well as the United States, Israel and Brazil in the following decades.

Almost by miracle the Zwenckau building, built in 1930 under strong resistance by the authorities of that time, survived unscathed both in the period of National Socialism and the GDR period.