Miguel Claro (facebook.com/miguelclaro.photography) is one of the most prestigious astrophotographers in the world and collaborator of the most prestigious magazines and worldwide websites of the specialty. Last year, 10 of his photographs were included in the list of the 100 best photos of the year published by the website space.com, the NASA site FOR space exploration and astronomy news.

Miguel Claro is also the official astrophotographer of Dark Sky Alqueva Reserve, Portugal (darkskyalqueva.com), the first reserve to obtain the worldwide certification awarded by UNESCO, STARLIGHT FOUNDATION AND WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATION.
ENPP invited Miguel Claro to carry out a photographic work in one of the Portuguese sites of  Places of Peace Route which could highlight its architectural and natural heritage and could reflect the spirit of Peace related to the signing of a Peace Treaty there, which constitutes the essence and content of the Route.
Miguel Claro took advantage of the Super Moon of the last Equinox of Spring and the result is the photograph we publish here  obtained in the Castle of Evoramonte (Portugal), a perfect communion between the work of the Man and the beauty of Nature, which breathes a true “Feeling of Peace”.