For the seventh consecutive year, the city of Zadar, Croatia, celebrated on February 18 the anniversary of the signing of its Treaty of Peace in the same place where it was signed 661 years ago – the St. Francis Monastery.
The celebrations, organized by the Municipality of Zadar, a member of the ENPP since 2011, by the Museum of the Primary School “Islands of Zadar” and by the Monastery of St. Francis, took place in an environment of great joy and appeal for peace and enjoyed the jovial participation of various groups of students of this primary school and other groups representing traditional Croatian music and folklore.
After a welcome greeting from the Monastery officials, Ms. Jagoda Surac, Deputy Mayor of Zadar Municipality and Eduardo Basso, President of ENPP, communicated to the public the reasons for the importance of this Commemoration as well as the involvement of the city of Zadar in the activities of ENPP and Places of Peace Route. Prof. Dr. Ante Bralic, head of the History Department of the University of Zadar and a member of the Scientific Council of Places of Peace Route referred in his speech to the conditions under which the Treaty of Zadar was signed and its positive consequences for the city of Zadar and for the Croatian people.

The President of ENPP, Eduardo Basso, who accompanied these Commemorations for the first time, also had the opportunity to visit the Primary School “Islands of Zadar” and its Museum dedicated to the theme “Heritage and Culture of Peace” as well as to hold a working lunch with the Deputy Mayor, Ms. Jagoda Surac, during which topics such as the local development of the Network in Zadar and the ongoing certification process of  Places of Peace Route as Cultural Route of the Council of Europe were discussed.