João Carlos Chouriço, from 2005 to 2009 the Vice-President and Deputy-Mayor of the Estremoz City Council (the municipality to which Evoramonte belongs), suddenly died yesterday, February 21 .
João Carlos Chouriço was an unconditional supporter of the process of establishing of European Network of Places of Peace either personally or as Deputy-Mayor for Culture, having been the main mentor of the Protocol established at that time between the Municipality of Estremoz and LACE (League of Friends of the Castelo de Évora Monte), which proved to be an important element in the first steps of our Network, and participated in several events that led to the emergence of the Network, namely in the 2008 edition of Hubertusburg Peace Talks (Germany) and in the 1st European Meeting of the Network held on May 2009 in Evoramonte, Portugal.
The action of João Carlos Chouriço has taken on such great importance even we can say that without his help and support, the ENPP would probably not exist today, or at least, would not have the development it currently has.
Therefore, we say: Thank you, João Carlos, and we address to his whole family the deepest condolences from European Network of Places of Peace and all its members.