As part of the certification process of the Places of Peace Route as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, the evaluator appointed by the European Institute of Cultural Routes, Ms Maria Gravari-Barbas visited last 8th February the town of Wermsdorf (Saxony, Germany) where the Castle of Hubertusburg is located in order to take contact with the work developed in this member of the Route.
Ms Gravari-Barbas was received by the Mayor of Wermsdorf, Matthias Müller, the President of ENPP, Eduardo Basso and Ulf Müller, member of Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association and Vice-President of ENPP.
At the Welcome Session performed on Wermsdorf Municipal Hall, it was also a matter of being present and expressing their involvement and support to the Route, numerous local, regional and state public and private entities, namely Mr. Matthias Haß, Minister of Finance of the State of Saxony, Frank Kupfer and Ms. Bärbel Schumann,  members of the State Parliament of Saxony Mr. Jens SpiskeMayor of Markranstädt, Ms. Ursula Fritzsche and Dr. Ulrich Hofmann, councilors in the Municipality of Wermsdorf, Mr. Kristian Kirpal,  President of the Chamber of Commerce and Crafts of Leipzig , Mr. Wolfgang Köhler, Dr. Sybille Hofmann and Ms. Martina-Elvira Lotzmann, members of Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association, Ms. Kathleen Schramm, Project Director of Leipzig Tourism & Marketing GmbH, Mr. Wolfgang Trommer, Prof. Klaus Wendler, Dr. Georg Müller, Mr. Hans Weinfurtner and Ms. Monika Buchwalder, members of Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association for Local Work of the Route, Mr. Paul Fischer, from Steinhaus Association (Bautzen, Saxony) the latest member of the Route, Hellmuth Matthes and Friedericke Maasch, from the Association for the Promotion of Altranstädt Castle (Saxony), member of the Route, Ms. Daniela Hollburg and Ms. Petra Förster, of the State Enterprise of Saxony for Real Estate and Construction and Mr. Gundolf Schmidt, representing the Association “Homeland Wermsdorf “.

After this session  Ulf Müller, Hellmuth Matthes and Paul Fisher made their presentation about the 3 places of the Route in Saxony (Hubertusburg, Altranstädt and Bautzen) as well as the Mayor of Markranstädt, followed by a period of questions and requests for clarification from Markranstädt, followed by a question period and requests for clarification from the evaluator, Mrs Maria Gravari-Barbas.

The evaluator then had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association and the exhibition on it about the treaty of Hubertusburg, the “Window of Peace,” a memorial of the Treaty of 1763 which ended with the Seven Years’ War, the Palace of Hubertusburg where she made contact with the results of two important events organized by the association – Hubertusburg Talks and the Young Peace Prize.
The visit ended with a meeting between the evaluator and the members of ENPP Board to clarify the documentation integrating the application dossier of Places of Peace Route for Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.