The Association for the Promotion of  Altranstädt Castle in Germany, founding member of ENPP, celebrated the Open Monument Day 2018 with several events which attracted many visitors to the place where on September 24, 1706 an Interim Peace was signed during the Great Northern War (1700-1721) between August II, the Strong and Karl XII, of Sweden, known as “Peace of Altranstädt”.

The day began precisely with a historical recreation of the day of the signing of this Treaty, in charge of an association of the city of Dresden specializing in historical events: arrival of the kings to the Castle, ceremony of signature of the Treaty and participation in a religious event in the Church annexed to the Castle where a sermon was given relating the visit of the kings to Altranstädt with the day of the Open Monument that was then celebrated.

After attending this historic recreation, the numerous visitors had the opportunity to make guided visits to the Castle, either individually or in groups, which allowed them to know more about the history of this important monument as well as about the historical events that took place on it and to taste the delicacies specially prepared for this day by the members of the Association for the Promotion of the Castle of Altranstädt.

A concert of music and singing by the group “Altranstädter Dorfmusikanten” was the perfect end to a true “Royal Day of the Open Monument”.