The German city of Bautzen (Saxony) is the latest ENPP member, represented by the association STEINHAUS, e.V. which works closely with the local municipality.

The city of Bautzen is located in Saxony, Germany with about 40.000 inhabitants and on January 1018 a Peace Treaty between the Holy Roman Empire and Poland was signed in the city. A wide array of cultural and scientific events took place in the city throughout this year commemorating 1.000 years of this Peace Treaty.


On 28th September, morning, a delegation of ENPP composed of its President, Eduardo Basso, the Vice-President, Ulf Müller, the Chairman of the AGM, Hellmuth Matthes visited the city where were received by  the Director of the Association  STEINHAUS, e.V.  Bautzen,  Mr. Torsten Wiegel and had the opportunity to know more about the headquarters and activities of this association. During the meeting with Mr. Torsten Wiegel various issues related to the membership of the city and its integration into the Places of Peace Route were also discussed.

The ENPP delegation was also received by the Mayor of Bautzen, Mr. Alexander Ahrens, who, in a gesture of great hospitality, himself led a guided tour of the Town Hall building as well as all of the city’s Historic Center.