In parallel with the Hubertusburg Peace Talks, the exhibition of works by young students under the Peace theme as well as the presentation of their prizes, will be held at the Hubertusburg Castle at an organization of the Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association, member of ENPP, in cooperation with the Saxon Ministry of Culture and the Saxon State Agency for Civic Education.

This contest is open to young students in two categories (12> 15 and 16> 18) and the works can be presented freely in prose, poetry, songs, pictures, videos, etc. until the 15th of June.

After a selection period by a jury appointed by the organization the winners will be awarded with a Certificate of Honor from the Saxon Ministry of Culture and rewarded with cash prizes.

This prize is already in the 5th edition and has received a growing interest from both the German schools and students and from the authorities of the Free State of Saxony, in a very interesting demonstration of the practice of promoting a culture of peace among young Europeans which has been one of the objectives of the ENPP since its foundation. At the last European meeting held in the city of Bucharest in May ENPP decided to extend this type of award to all the members of the Network.