In the Old Town Hall, one of the noble buildings of Evoramonte Castle (Portugal) recovered in 2016, opened last Saturday, August 4, a new space of visit on the initiative of a local wine company in partnership with the Civil Parish of Evoramonte , owner of the building.

The new space is made up of a regional product store, very well decorated and also has a visitor’s valence, and two large rooms designed for temporary exhibitions with free access to the public.

The space also provides access to the Clock Tower where it is possible to visit the old clock that marked the time in Evoramonte during long periods.

“Scriptum in Petris” is the 1st exhibition in the new space

With the opening of this new space, the 1st  exhibition was inaugurated and will be open to the public up to 22nd  September. “Scriptum in Petris“, by Ernesto Matos, is an exhibition of stones by artists from various places in the country, highlighting the painted stones of Inocência Lopes, a artist of Evoramonte (in the photo, a stone painted by this artist shows the façade of the House of the Convention , where on 26 May 1834 the Treaty of Peace of Evoramonte was signed).