The municipality of Kaynardzha, a member of the ENPP, organizes on July 21 when the 244 Years of the Peace Treaty of Kaynardzha are celebrated, a Peace Festival dedicated to the theme “In music and words – Make Peace Shine“.

The Treaty of Kaynardzha signed between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire is the precursor of the Liberation Movement of Bulgaria that led to the Independence of this Country after 5 centuries of Ottoman occupation and therefore has a huge significance for the History of the Bulgarian People.

The Peace Festival is held at Kaynardzha Historical Fountain Park from 9 am and its program includes traditional music and dance performances, poetry sessions dedicated to peace and prosperity, exhibition of drawings by children of the schools of the Kaynardzha Municipality, Workshops for Peace with peace messages, games and cycling races for young people and children and an exhibition of traditional cakes and pies from the Dobrudzja region preceded by a competition between municipalities and a competition for the participants individuals.