The defense of European values, the future projects of the Network and the election of the new Managing Bodies of the Association dominated the 11th  Meeting of the European Network of Places of Peace held on 4 and 5 May at the Cotroceni Museum in the city of Bucharest, Romania.
The Meeting discussed in detail the current certification process of  Places of Peace Route, in particular, the content of a report about the Route  elaborated by an “independent expert”  appointed by the European Institute of Cultural Routes (EICR), which received the most vehement repudiation by all delegations present since, in addition it  doesn’t reflect the reality and activity of the Route, this report is based on concepts that have nothing to do with the principles and practice of the Route and the ENPP. As a result, the Meeting approved the measures taken by the ENPP Board to solve the situation created by such Report and mandated the ENPP Board to continue to push for the reversal of the decision in not continuing the certification process this year taken by the Bureau of EPA Governing Body of Cultural Routes on last 16 and 17 February.

Regarding future projects, the Meeting discussed the future holding of a Conference on Tourism and Peace as well as the launch of the “Peace Games” a project of intercultural experiences among all members of the Network which was nominated for the EU Culture Program and awaits by a decision.
The Managing Bodies of the Association for the four-year 2018/2022 were unanimously elected and the ENPP Board continues to be headed by Eduardo Basso, representing the Evoramonte Castle Friendship Association (Portugal). The remaining positions of the Board will be occupied by Ulf Müller (Hubertusburg Castle Friendship Association, Germany), Janka Fabová (Oz TREUM, Slovakia), Bozhanka Dobreva (EICT Eureka, Bulgaria) and Anita Grzan-Martinovic (Municipality of Zadar, Croatia).

The Presidency of the General Assembly will be filled by the Association for the Promotion of Altranstädt Castle (Germany) and the Presidency of the Audit Statutory Committee for the Municipality of Vasvár (Hungary).