In Trencin (Slovakia) there is one of the many cemeteries of the 1st. World War, where buried fighters of various nationalities and unknown soldiers.
The situation of evident degradation of this cemetery and its memorials, not conducive with the respect due to those who perished during that World War nor with those who make it a place of memory for the preservation of Peace in Europe, caught the attention of the non-profit association Trencin – European Town (OZ TREUM), led by Janka Fabová, member of the Board of ENPP, and other institutions of the city.
Since 2014, by the action of OZ TREUM, the cemetery has been renovated and recovering an aspect worthy of the memory it carries. This action ended this year, leaving the cemetery with the treated aspect that the photograph attests.
In this cemetery are buried 773 soldiers of many nationalities who have died as a result of war injuries or epidemics, mostly Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian but also of other nationalities: Russians, Italians, Turks, Poles, Austrians and Germans.
In 2018, 100 Years of the end of 1st World War are celebrated and next summer this cemetery will be the scene of a military ceremony alluding to this Commemoration.