On 14 January 2018, there has been a book presentation in the House of Peace in Vasvár in which several publications were showed to the public, among them the proceedings of the last international conference on the battle of Saint-Gotthard and the peace treaty of Vasvár organized in 2014 both in Szentgotthárd and Vasvár. This new book gathers studies of many relevant specialists of military history (for ex.: István Czigány, Özgür Kolçak, Jean Bérenger) and diplomatic history (for ex.: Jean-Pierre Bois, Ágnes R. Várkonyi). Some studies of the books are dedicated to the most important historical personalities like Raimondo Montecuccoli, Miklós Zrínyi or Jean de Coligny and others represent the everyday life of soldiers. The texts are published in three languages (Hungarian, French and English) with abstracts. Many illustrations, maps help the readers in the better understanding of these historical events. This nice book issued of the cooperation between the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the cities of Szentgotthárd and Vasvár is last scientific synthesis on the peace treaty of Vasvár.