On November 7, the President of ENPP, Eduardo Basso, met with the Mayor of the village of Alcañices (Spain), Mr. Jesus Más in order to develop the work of ENPP and Places of Peace Route in this spanish village where was signed the famous “Treaty of Alcañices” between the King Denis of Portugal and King Fernando IV of Castile on September 12, 1297. This Peace Treaty ended a cross-border war begun two years earlier and defined the modern border between the two Iberian countries.
The town of Alcañices keeps alive the memory of this Treaty of Peace with annual celebrations on the date of its signature and which had as high point the year of 1997, the year of its 7th Centenary, with the presence in the town of the King of Spain, D Juan Carlos and the President of the Portuguese Republic, Dr. Jorge Sampaio. The built heritage is in a very reasonable state of conservation, namely the place where the Treaty was signed, in which the Tourist Office and the Municipal Library operate. In the same place an auditorium with capacity for 400 people is being built.
The President of ENPP and the Mayor of Alcañices stressed the importance of the village membership in ENPP and established a plan of future actions to be undertaken within the framework of Places of Peace Route.